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The Art of Tea

The tea ceremony developed from Zen Buddhism, a tradition that focuses on the transience of life. That nothing lasts forever, for better or for worse. From Zen Buddhism, two philosophies have been born that encompass the spirit of the tea ceremony specifically in Japan. Those are Wabi Sabi, the aesthetic and mindset of seeing beauty in the impermanence and imperfection of all things; finding value in the natural, decaying, aging, broken things in this world. And Ichigo Ichie which means one time, one meeting. meaning that no moment in our lives will ever be repeated, so we should be mindful of the present and show gratitude for it. I like to incorporate these philosophies into all the experiences I offer. 


To facilitate awareness that meditation, slowing down, and mindfulness can be found in the daily rituals that bring us the most joy.

You can substitute the word meditation for whatever form your craft or joy takes - petting a cat, photography, writing, cooking, etc. Tea meditation is a perfect example of how you can experience magic in the most ordinary activities of your everyday life. The practice of drinking tea is an act of simplicity yet done with mindfulness can become an opportunity to seek deep within. I hope to help people experience and identify those seemingly simple rituals and the sweet spot within them that can ground us in that meditative way. And to help people learn to make space in their lives for these simple, joyful rituals.

Our Experiences are perfect for:

- Retreats

- Bridal Showers

- Blessing Ways

- Birthdays

-Girl's Nights or Weekends

- Couples

- Teambuilding

- Everybody, Everywhere, All the time

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