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Japanese Tea
"There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life."
- Lin Yutang

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Tea, seasonal living, nature, oneness, quietude, and art fuse together in ancient rituals of self-cultivation.


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About Jen

Hi! My name is Jen de Tréglodé and my favorite way to enjoy tea is with a Rishi Earl Grey London Fog with almond milk but am also a sucker for a Taro infused matcha tea. I am a slow fashion enthusiast, DIY maniac, and a mama to two small boys.

I have been teaching textile art workshops to adults and children for 15 years. Natural textile dyeing is my jam. I am a Tea Sommelier in training at the Herbal & Tea Association of Canada. But above all I am a student of rituals from all cultures that involve tea, nature, craft, and community.

Some of my current obsessions are Gong Fu tea ceremony from China and Taiwan and Urasenke tea ceremony from Japan. And learning more about Zen Buddhism, Ancient Chinese Wisdom, and the Shinto religion as they connect to tea ceremony.

My hosting/facilitating style is light hearted and non-intimidating. I like to call it a magical realist style, as I find beauty in the magic of what I create but also approach it in a very realistic, logical, science-based way as well. I try not to take anyting too seriously and like to find humor in all things. Some might find my style is a bit less woo woo and a bit more relatable.

So let's play!

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